Do you feel heard – as an individual, as someone going through a tough time, at work, as part of an organisation or community?

To navigate services during a tough time you must be resilient, you need to challenge every decision made on your behalf, shout louder when you’re not being heard and fight for what you know will get you through – all this at a time when you’re probably at your weakest.

We are excited to invite you to join our first Conversations that Challenge – Connect and Commit online event, where we will explore what it means to listen and feel heard.  We would like you to reflect on a time when you were not listened to, focusing on what could have been different so you could speak and feel heard. Or, maybe you’re aware of an occasion where you were unable to listen to someone – what stopped you and how did that make you feel?

To be heard requires listening. Listening without simultaneously curating a response, without reframing the information into a familiar context. It requires listening by walking in the shoes of another person and looking through a different lens. Listening should be simple, but sometimes things get in the way, the message can become distorted and individual voices lost.

Resilience is key when you’re working alongside people going through tough times, but sometimes that means you start to filter what you’re being told, only hearing the bits that you can act on.

We hope to create a space where we can connect, learn and grow (and obviously listen!). From here we would like to be able to explore how we can, as individuals, commit to an action. This could be a commitment to reflect on your own experiences, your ability to listen or to question if you are being heard. Or, when the next opportunity arises, it could be to sit down and listen, and we mean really listen. Whatever it is, your action will be unique to you.

Lists of criteria, outcomes and measurables seem to be unavoidable, but I often wonder what would happen if we held people and conversation before all of that and just listened?

The New System Alliance talks a lot about change, but change will be meaningless without consideration, without listening to what’s really going on. So, you are invited to join us in listening, sharing what you are comfortable with and exploring how we, as individuals, can create positive change by listening. Due to the format of this event, it won’t be possible to record it, so please show up on the day to have your say.

Date: Thursday 6th May 2021
Time: 12 – 1.30pm
Location: Zoom
Register here: