Are you ready to commission the services that surround tough times differently?

The PTS Transitions Pilot offers an exciting opportunity for commissioners and funders to work alongside the New System Alliance to prototype a completely new way of working, to gather learning as it happens and to uncover what it means to commission in a strength-based way.

The Person-led, Transitional and Strength-based (PTS) Response lies at the heart of the Transitions Pilot. It offers people going through tough times support on their terms, whilst also sharing the knowledge gained from listening to people and learning from the realities of their lives as they navigate systems.

The PTS Response has already proven to be successful in a number of settings, including working with Local Authorities, bespoke and tailored contracts, Social Impact Bonds and Social Subscribing.

The PTS Response provides PTS Coaches to walk alongside people experiencing tough times, creating an environment where people have choice and control over their lives, have the space to focus on their strengths and what matters to them and can move forward to the future they want.

Through the PTS Transitions Pilot, we would be looking to place a minimum of two PTS Coaches into a Local Authority area, allow them to work with 100 people over two years and periodically meet with a group of key Commissioners to discuss progress, share learning and together, prototype a new way of commissioning that supports strength-based work.

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