When going through a tough time, it is your right to be treated with dignity and respect, to remain in control of your life and to have the power to choose how you get through. Sadly, due to the current systems that surround getting support, this is rarely possible. For this reason, organisations and systems must change.

Often, to create a truly person-led environment, where people have choice and control through tough times, every aspect of an organisation will need to evolve; how you listen and reflect, how you work with people, how you recruit, how you communicate and generate income, to how you capture and measure impact. This can be a daunting task!

The PTS Change Programme means you no longer have to go it alone. The programme will provide your organisation with the crucial structure and support to allow you to evidence the work you do, to further develop your PTS Response or like-minded approach and to share your learning to influence wider change.

It is an opportunity to influence through doing; changing the systems and services that surround tough times so that they finally work for the people they were created to serve.

The PTS Change Programme in more detail:

The experienced Change Team, who all have first-hand experience of operational and organisational transformation, will work alongside you to help you achieve three key aims:

Being Person-led – you will evidence a genuine person-led approach to working alongside people experiencing tough times and the positive relationships you hold with people you work with. Exposing any barriers that systems are creating for people and using this learning to inform future responses.

Transforming Organisational Culture – you will take a microscope to every part of your organisation, looking at how you listen and reflect, how you work with people, how you recruit, how you communicate and generate income and how you capture and measure impact.

Influencing and Disrupting the Wider System – you will share what do and what you’ve learnt to highlight the system barriers people face during tough times, significantly contributing to positively challenging and ultimately changing systems.

At the end of this programme you will have a deeper understanding of your organisations’ position and routes to change. You’ll receive a fully tailored practical action plan, covering all elements of your organisation that you can implement alongside your teams, to become the person-led organisation you want to be.

If you have any questions or would like more information then please get in touch change@newsystemalliance.org

Feedback from the PTS Change Programme so far

“It was an opportunity to re-set, reflect and feel refreshed – we do not get many opportunities to do that as the work is continuous.”

“It provided a solid foundation to move forward.”

“We really enjoyed being able to evidence what was important – what really mattered.”

“The programme helped us to focus on where we are going.”