The Person-led, Transitional and Strength-based (PTS) Network – a movement for change

We believe that positive and sustainable change starts at the grassroots. By providing PTS Coaches to work alongside people going through tough times, creating an environment that means people have choice and control over their lives and can focus on their strengths, means that people are able to move on to the future they want. In addition, by constantly listening and learning to those who are navigating support systems, we are able to respond to the realities of people’s lives, identify barriers created by current systems and create a new system that supports people, rather than traps them.

PTS Coaches work within organisations and are also part of a UK wide movement, the PTS Network. Through the PTS Network, Coaches come together, share learning and experiences and inform the wider systems change narrative that sees people going through tough times genuinely being able to take the lead.

The PTS is not a service model, an intervention or an off the shelf took kit, but a vehicle for systems change, that sees it happening in real-time through the ‘doing’ on the ground. PTS Coaches expose and challenge systemic barriers as they happen in real-time and work with their organisations to model and inform the wider changes that are needed to transform their culture, structures and internal systems toward being fully person-led.

The PTS Network in more detail – how it could work for you

  • Recruiting a team of PTS Coaches either with existing or new funding
  • The New System Alliance Partners will support with the recruitment to get the right people and will build the personal development training necessary for your Coaches to apply the right lens and respond to people they work with
  • All PTS Coaches bring a new way of capturing and measuring the individual strengths of the people they work with to inform the PTS Data Set. We would license your PTS Coaches to use our adapted Developmental Asset tool from the Search Institute alongside WEMwbs and our hard outcome data capture
  • As part of the PTS Network, your organisation will also have access to the UK wide impact data to support with influencing and funding
  • We provide specific policies that come with the PTS Response
  • Your PTS Coaches will have access to a central online hub to access new thinking, new developments and core documents specific to the PTS Response
  • All coaches from across the UK wide network come together regularly to reflect and support each other to inform the central narrative
  • A space for senior leaders within your organisation is also provided to bring together a network of support and learning to aid with the transformation of your organisational culture and practice
  • We encourage all partners to take part in the PTS Change Programme to uncover your strengths and evidence of working in a person-led and strength-based way and provides a clear road map for taking your internal transformation to the next level

To find out more about the PTS Network please get in touch by emailing