The New System Alliance believes that the failing systems around tough times are damaging to everyone. But it isn’t equally damaging to everyone. Whether it is due to race, gender, disability, sexuality, or any other identity, broken systems make life harder for anyone who doesn’t conform to what is seen as standard.

The system has and continues to hurt people who have been historically underrepresented for a long time, and we believe this must change. As a result, we are committed to diversity in our work. This means working for a world where traditional barriers are removed so that there are more diverse voices in positions where they can affect change. The other part of this is our commitment to putting forward diverse voices. We are open to challenge, to learn and take advice on what to do better, and we commit to diverse ways of working – including diversity that isn’t always in sight.

This is not about treating people equally, regardless of their background, but instead equitably, acknowledging where they have come from and that we don’t all start from the same point. Different people need different things to get to be able to get to the same goal.