It’s good to talk!

Below you will find the latest details for any forthcoming events. We realise people have busy lives, so where possible we do try and record our events and post them here as soon as our internet speed allows!

Upcoming events

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Lifting the lid on PTS: Strengths-Based Support and System Reform, April 2022

Conversations that Challenge – Professional Empathy and a Duty of Hope, November 2021

Conversations that Challenge – Risk, July 2021

Time to Listen, 1st December 2020

Why I quit my job! 1st December 2020

A world without fixing with Mauricio Miller, 2nd December 2020

Snakes and Ladders

2nd December 2020

Let’s talk language

3rd December 2020

Looking beyond the system

3rd December 2020

Action beyond the conversation

4th December 2020

Being part on the New System Alliance

4th December 2020