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The Strengths Based Learning Programme. March – September 2024

A series of free learning events through March and September, which are designed to create connections, inspire people to action, and build momentum for strengths-based practice.

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System Convening – what’s it all about?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anyzHzeeivc   System Convening - what's it all about?, October 2023 The New System Alliance, working with Hackney Borough Council and NHS England/the Health Foundation’s Q Community, surveyed people to find out if the Systems Conveners we are aware of are part of an emerging field. We had over 80 responses, the overwhelming majority

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Strengths-based, so what?

By Alex Fox, Mayday Trust CEO Strengths-based, so what? There is no shortage of organisations which claim their work is strengths-based, led by people and trauma-informed. Those ideas, all of which are about being people-shaped rather than system-shaped, have taken hold. They have been a positive force in public services and charities at a time when

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Place-based working: a trauma-informed approach

By Alex Fox Mayday Trust CEO,  Oliver Townsend Platfform's Head of Connections and Change and Grant Campbell Homeless Network Scotland's Head of Partnerships & Consulting. Place-based working: a trauma-informed approach The New System Alliance core partners, Mayday Trust, Homeless Network Scotland and Platfform share a desire for radical system change which shifts services and public

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Becoming Open Systems

By Alex Fox, CEO of Mayday Trust.  Becoming Open Systems Dr Jean Boulton of Bath University observed at a Northumbria University/ Centre for Public Impact conference on relational public services, that we are all ‘open systems’ not ‘closed systems’: we are impacted by what’s around us and impact what’s around us, in ways which are

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Putting relationships first

In this blog, Relationships Project founder David Robinson, and Alex Fox, chief executive of Mayday Trust, reflect on the role that relationships and relationship-building play in creating effective public services and charities, and what connects and distinguishes the two organisations. Putting Relationships First, with David Robinson from the Relationships Project The Relationships Project was born

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Good intentions aren’t always enough

Good Intentions aren’t always enough. By Grant Campbell, Head of Partnerships & Consulting at Homeless Network Scotland. The growing pressure of the ‘permacrisis’ mobilised a wide range of voluntary action, in city centres and communities across the country to help people most affected. Understandably, there are often no benchmarks, national strategies or guidelines on

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Platfform’s Manifesto for Change

You can read Platfform's Manifesto for Change, which launched on the 2nd of February 2023, here. Mental health: overhaul of outdated systems urgently needed New System Alliance partner, Platfform has launched its Manifesto for Change. From working with over 9000 people experiencing challenges with their mental health each year, the charity states that the current support

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By Oliver Townsend, Head of Partnerships and Practice at Platfform. #HousingMattersWales  We are trying to do things differently in Platfform, as so many organisations are across Wales. The past ten years have resulted in rapid, positive practice and policy change in our country, despite huge and unprecedented financial pressures. I’ve been writing about some of

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