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Good intentions aren’t always enough

Good Intentions aren’t always enough. By Grant Campbell, Head of Partnerships & Consulting at Homeless Network Scotland. The growing pressure of the ‘permacrisis’ mobilised a wide range of voluntary action, in city centres and communities across the country to help people most affected. Understandably, there are often no benchmarks, national strategies or guidelines on

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Platfform’s Manifesto for Change

You can read Platfform's Manifesto for Change, which launched on the 2nd of February 2023, here. Mental health: overhaul of outdated systems urgently needed New System Alliance partner, Platfform has launched its Manifesto for Change. From working with over 9000 people experiencing challenges with their mental health each year, the charity states that the current support

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By Oliver Townsend, Head of Partnerships and Practice at Platfform. #HousingMattersWales  We are trying to do things differently in Platfform, as so many organisations are across Wales. The past ten years have resulted in rapid, positive practice and policy change in our country, despite huge and unprecedented financial pressures. I’ve been writing about some of

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Natasha Almond discusses Homeless Bound

Natasha Almond from the Good Organisation writes about Homeless Bound (Coterminous CIC, 2022)- A book that explores how the language and misconceptions of people experiencing homelessness continue to shape our response to the issue: Homeless Bound “The media, almost without exception, will put an image of a ‘man in doorway’ shot in an article about

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Are good relationships possible in a broken system?

Jen Daffin is a Community Clinical Psychologist with a passion for social justice. She has 15 years experiences of working across NHS mental health and learning disability services and now works for a mental health and social change charity called Platfform. On Tuesday 24th of May Jen hosted a Conversations that Challenge event which explored

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I’m Still a Risk: a Poem by Simon Whitter

Trigger warning: this content contains mention of abuse in all forms. I’m Still a Risk, a poem by Simon Whitter. I was put into care at 11 years old, disposed of by my family, beaten black and blue. This wasn’t my choice, but I’m the risk. Raped and abused by people there to protect me.

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NEF Consulting Report: Evaluating the Person-Led, Transitional and Strength Based Response’ – A New Way to Respond to Homelessness

NEF Consulting was commissioned to conduct a two-year evaluation of the Person-Led, Transitional and Strength Based (PTS) Response delivered by Mayday Trust in Northampton and its partner Changing Lives in Newcastle. The PTS brings together an asset-based approach and advantaged thinking to work with people transitioning out of homelessness and other difficult life transitions. 

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Radical Activist Practitioners – Without the Professionalisation Trap

Oliver Townsend, Head of Partnerships and Practice at Platfform and Head of PTS and New System Alliance in Wales, explores the topic of professionalism and the experience of implementing the first PTS Coaching team in Wales. Professionalism is not a Bad ThingTM, but sometimes professionalisation can be. What is the difference? There’s a lot

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