Are you tired of a failing system?

Together, we are allies working to change the systems people come up against when they experience tough times.

Total Change

The New System Alliance is striving for total systems change, a paradigm shift, where people can take control and together, we can respond in a new way to finally make systems work for people


The current system doesn’t work. Changing elements of a broken system and coming up with new approaches isn’t working.


We want to break down the constant focus on what’s wrong with people. We want to stop the approach that puts people on pathways rather than listening to them.


People told us current systems often embarrass, humiliate and at worst, trap and institutionalise, often forcing people to sacrifice their dignity to survive.

Tough Times

The New System Alliance believes that people should not be defined by labels or negative situations. Tough times should be a brief transition in someone’s life - not an identity or a life sentence.


The current system defines people by their weaknesses, rather than who they are as an individual, their unique context and their strengths.

What’s next

  • You believe that systems surrounding tough times need to change
  • You are open to new ideas, even the big scary ones!
  • You want to lead change alongside other like-minded allies

Be a part of the change…


New System Allies and counting!

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Where did the New System Alliance come from?

After years of listening and learning from the realities of people’s lives and from the experiences of passing power and control back to people; Mayday Trust, Changing Lives, Homeless Network Scotland and Platfform all recognised the same problem – one of the biggest challenges people face going through  tough times is the system itself. So with the vital support of the National Lottery Community Fund, they have formed the New System Alliance to totally transform the system.