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Are you tired of failing systems?

Together, we are allies working to change the systems people encounter when they experience tough times.

We believe this can be achieved by focusing on three areas:

People seeking support

We aim to make strengths-based working the norm not the exception, demonstrating that public services can be built around equal and human relationships.


We share our learning with each other about working in strengths-based, relational and person-led ways across sectors and systems, growing and strengthening these approaches.


Our vision is for every community to hold the power and resources to seek out their own solutions to tough times.


We believe the first step to achieving this is to listen and learn from people, to walk alongside and really understand the strengths communities hold and the barriers that are getting in their way.

Whole Systems

We believe that in order to create positive and lasting change we must apply the values of strengths-based and relational approaches across all areas of systems, not just at service level.


This Alliance brings together organisations and networks which are supporting organisations, local areas and even whole sectors to embed strengths-based and relational thinking into their work, through practice support, research, and thought leadership.

Why change?

The current systems people encounter when they seek support through tough times, such as homelessness or emotional distress, often focus on people’s problems and what they can’t do. They put people into categories which make sense to services, but not to people. They make people jump through hoops to get small amounts of help, or keep them stuck in services which have stopped helping them. They reflect some of the most entrenched inequalities in society, like poverty and racism, which means these systems and therefore services, aren’t always fair and equal in what they offer.  

The solution to this is systems which always see us as people, not as problems, and which try to meet us equals, valuing and building on our strengths and potential. The New System Alliance is for people and organisations who are coming together to make this new public service system.


The New System Alliance is brought to you by; Mayday Trust, Homeless Network Scotland and Platfform with the vital support of the National Lottery Community Fund.

Together we are influencing systems change through delivering strengths-based work and sharing our learning with organisations and areas across the UK.

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