The New System Alliance is a platform for those who feel there is something wrong with the current systems for people experiencing tough times. It acts as a home for those who have felt frustrated, unheard or invisible, whether working in services, commissioning or with direct experience.

It offers an opportunity to listen and be heard and to ‘do something’ to bring about total systems change, a paradigm shift, where people can take control and together, we can respond in a new way to finally make the systems work for people

If this resonates with you and feels like the right place to bring your curiosity, passion and hopes for the future, we’d love you to join us as we launch the New System Alliance and begin the conversation!

Join us for a week of conversations!

To celebrate the launch of the New Systems Alliance and publication of  Wisdom from the System we have organised a week of open-minded, brave and thought-provoking conversations. Simply register below and join us as we discuss all things systems change.

It’s time to listen

1st December 10-11.30am

A raw and reflective discussion with Maff Potts and five people with real experience of how systems have impacted their lives


Why I quit my job!

1st December 2-3.30pm

An honest and open disclosure from those who work within systems but felt unable to continue to practice in a deficit-based way.


A world without fixing

2nd December 10-11.30am

An international reflection with Mauricio Miller, author of ‘The Alternative, Most of what you believe about poverty is wrong’.


Snakes and ladders

2nd December 2-3.30pm

Delving into the importance of the right governance and the structural impact of housing, poverty and policy from across the UK.


Let’s talk language

3rd December 10-11.30am

A lively discussion on the importance of language, the impact of labelling and the power dynamics behind the words we use.


Looking beyond the system

3rd December 2.-3.30pm

The concept of full systems change and paradigm shift is challenged and explored on this deeply thoughtful session.


Action beyond the conversation

4th December 10-11.30am

Hearing from the brave leaders who are putting systems change into practice through modelling the Mayday Trust Person-led, Transitional and Strength-based response.


The New System Alliance

4th December 2-3.30pm

The New System Alliance founding partners welcome everyone in to be part of this exciting and brave new home for lively conversation and most importantly, action!


The Voice of the New System Alliance

"All I needed all along was to be treated like a human…"

"The current system provides solutions to problems that don't exist"

"Imagine if we solved homelessness, there would be a lot of us out of a job..."

"Are we trying to repair a system that can't be fixed?"

Through Wisdom from the System online conversations, people shared their experiences of systems surrounding tough times, such as homelessness, housing, social care, mental health and criminal justice. These conversations were captures and key themes drawn out, which became the foundations of the New System Alliance. These Wisdoms will be shared on Monday the 30th November – so watch this space

The New System Alliance has evolved from years of deep listening, the recent Wisdom from the System, and responding to the realities of people’s experiences and takes this raw learning to the next level thanks to investment from the National Lottery Community Fund.