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Strengths-based, so what?

By Alex Fox, Mayday Trust CEO Strengths-based, so what? There is no shortage of organisations which claim their work is strengths-based, led by people and trauma-informed. Those ideas, all of which are about being people-shaped rather than system-shaped, have taken hold. They have been a positive force in public services and charities at a time when

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Platfform’s Manifesto for Change

You can read Platfform's Manifesto for Change, which launched on the 2nd of February 2023, here. Mental health: overhaul of outdated systems urgently needed New System Alliance partner, Platfform has launched its Manifesto for Change. From working with over 9000 people experiencing challenges with their mental health each year, the charity states that the current support

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Latest ‘Wisdoms from Strength-Based Working’ findings Released

New System’s Alliance partner Mayday Trust release their latest ‘Wisdoms from Strength-Based Working’ findings. Mayday Trust conducted a ‘Wisdom’ deep listening consultation or exercise with those working to support people through tough times such as homelessness as part of its PTS Frontline Network activities to understand the impact of a pioneering strength-based and person-led support

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