Strengths-based Support

Our vision is for people to be treated as people, not as problems that need to be fixed

New System Alliance are committed to creating a paradigm shift through growing and supporting strengths-based and person-led ways of working. This approach is based on core principles initially developed by Mayday Trust through their ‘PTS Response’ and adapted by New System Alliance.   

The principles of our approach to supporting people through tough times are: 

Seeing the whole person

We start with honest and purposeful relationships, focusing on strengths and potential.  We avoid form-filling, assumptions, eligibility criteria and targets. 

Being led by the person without ‘fixing’

We are led by each individual, not the pressures felt by the service, organisation or wider system. We work alongside rather than fix.

Building connection and community

Empowering people to build their personal networks and access resources and to challenge systems which are hindering them. 

New System Allies are using these principles to develop their own strengths-based support models and influence systems change through doing.